Sunday, August 26, 2007

Summer Produce Looks Great in My Freezer!!

This is my last day off before returning to "real" work and over the last four weeks - other than being at conferences - I've tried to spend time to visit local markets and buy and put away as much summer produce as I can.

My freezer is now well stocked with cherries and peaches which I look forward to bringing out during the winter.

I was going to go for the strawberries, until I discovered a new kind that produces until the end of summer. So maybe that's next week's job.

I've also discovered the joys of freezing roasted corn. After removing the tassels and wrapping them back up in the husks, they go straight onto a med/low heat on the BBQ/grill until black on the outside and starting to brown on the kernels.

Then cool, strip and freeze. I tried some out of the freezer as a test and nearly fainted from how great it tasted.

This project has been a self-challenge because I've never been one for doing the "canning" thing. But it doesn't really take much time to use the freezer methods and I'm sure the results will be worth it.

I know others are coming along with project ideas and I'm sure we'd love to hear more! Please share!

And for those of you with kids - enjoy the final week off!!


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Chef Debbie said...

Hi Mia! What a great feeling to open the freezer and see the "fruits" of your labors.

After freezing produce for years, I was forced to explore the world of pressure canning by Mother Nature.

My freezer was brimming with vegetables, sauces and fruits when, in September '89, Hurricane Hugo hit and knocked out power for 8 days. I lost everything we couldn't cook on the outdoor cooker and consume within the first 5 days! The following year I was ready with my spiffy new (gently used) 32 qt. pressure canner and felt like that "kid in a candy shop" exploring that new world.

Does anybody else line up all their home canned goods on the pantry shelves and leave the door open for everyone to admire??? hahaha