Wednesday, August 29, 2007

At the market last week

I figured out how to pull pics off my new phone, and so can share my visit to the market last week.

Last week and this are final call for local peaches, but to offset that we now have corn in abundance, plus melons, plus amazing produce.

I stopped by the Thames River Melons booth (I will never eat another carboard Mexican melon again after tasting these ones) and was interested to see they also sell honey. The story is that their bees pollinate the melon fields and in turn make "Melon Blossom" honey.

I bought two melons, one of which was devoured within 15 minutes of getting home by my children and their neighbourhood friends. The other was enjoyed more slowly by me and my friends. Diced Thames River Melon drizzled with Thames River Melon Blossom honey is now the new standard to which every fresh fruit dessert will be comapred!! *grin*

On the opposite side of the market the produce stalls are carrying vegetables you'll never see in a "big box" grocery: purple, black and orange bell peppers, heirloom tomatoes, white sweet potatoes, orange and purple cauliflower...and on and on.

I hope you enjoy the pictures! Visit your local farmer's market - and don't forget to stop and talk to the'll learn all kinds of great information about your food!

~Chef Mia~

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