Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What's Local Right Now - July

Well, I'm more disappointed than ever in our local groceries. There's just no local produce anywhere. A couple of issues are behind this...

First, the big chains do consolidated ordering which means ordering in bulk, from places that can handle consistently huge orders. The store manager really doesn't have much control any more.

Second, it seems that more and more of our local farmland is being paved over. Where I used to see cherry orchards, I'm now seeing new housing - this particularly in the Guelph area where I often visit. So even if grocery stores wanted to buy the local crops, there may be less available as more farmers get out of business.

This is why growing support of local farming is so timely. We need to provide the demand that gives them an alternative to selling out. We also need to let our grocers know that we prefer local product and will support them too if they stock accordingly.

Well that's my vent...I'm off to the East York Farmer's Market to pick up food for the week. It runs every Tuesday - see the listing at the www.100milemeals.net site under Toronto.

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Mia said...

Yay! I just returned from the market with a bag full of local cherries. They will be available for another two weeks.

Also at the market were strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and musk melons. Vegetables in right now are onions and garlic, summer squashes, green peas cucumbers and bell peppers.

I was hoping to find leeks to make Mark's recipe tonight for dinner, bt instead I'll caramalize the onions I bought, roast the garlic and bell pepper and toss in some diced squash and peas. A perfect summer dinner!

Next week I'm going to have muffeleta sandwiches on my client menus so that I can roast up all the summer veggies with lots of garlicy aoili. Yum.